Monday, August 28, 2006

Sooooo fucked up

Mister Markus alerted me to this book in my previous post about racialized Survivor.

How fucken gross! For the most part, I don't get offended by racist shit anymore (desensitization is a bitch)... even the racist Addidas shoes didn't bother me. But this is really offensive. What's worse is the author is an Asian guy -- Adam Quan. Fucken self-hating sell-out whore!!

The book came out in 2004, and apparently, many negative comments were posted on Amazon as a result. I was going to post something nasty on Amazon too, until I learned that Amazon eliminated many of the comments regarding the race issue. Fortunately, the Melting Blog captured some of the comments before Amazon erased them.

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Anonymous said...

the white woman on the cover looks miserable