Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My newest addiction

Perhaps from my latest posts you could already tell? Yes, folks, DYY is addicted to celebrity gossip. I have been for many years. Whenever I have any free moments at the grocery store, newstand or airport, I would take those few vital minutes to peruse the pages of US Weekly (my favorite), In Touch, Life & Style, People... any and all of them if time allows.

The addiction is now exacerbated by my recent discovery of celebrity gossip blogs! Ironically, I learned about these countless sites in an article in Bitch Magazine. The article was entitled Web Spite and how gossip columns reduce female stars' worth to their physical appearence and fashion choices, blah blah blah... well, of course, they do! You see, for an addict like me, who understands all the social implications of these one-dimensional images, BUT loves this trash anyway... it's wonderful. It's like that stupid phase, it's the best thing since sliced bread... and it really is.

My favorite is Perez Hilton. He's this young plump gay guy who actually hangs out with many of the younger celebrities and gets to go to all the parties (I learned from one of his posts that he and the other more famous Hilton attended a BPM party that I rsvp'ed to but decided not to go... totally trippy but gross at the same time, right?). His site has the best gossip and is regularly maintained. He also has the funniest (i.e. meanest) comments. Plus, he loathes Tara Reid. As you can tell, he's my biggest pusher. I would be his whore.

I also bookmarked The Superficial , Jordon Is Your Homeboy, and A Socialite's Life, although they're not as good as Perez's. So when I am limited on computer time, I just read Perez's and catch up on the others later.

I know what you're thinking. Fuck you. Don't be judgmental. We all have illnesses.

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soybean pimp said...

dood, dlisted.com
be afraid....be very afriad.

the funniest writing on celeb goss... the only reason why i read it.