Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sad moment in hip hop history

Kevin Federline aka K-Fed debuted his latest hip hop single at the Teen Choice Awards this past week. I tried watching the performance but I couldn't even finish it. It was that bad. You could see for yourself but you might not want to waste precious internet time. No one warned me, and I wish someone would have.

I don't know who to feel worse for... Britney or the rest of us who watched her lame ass husband perform.

African Americans need to reclaim hip hop asap!


Grace Z. said...

My sense of morbid curiosity had me wondering what K-Fed's performance was like. So I guess thanks (?) DYY for putting up a link. The show was kinda...yucky, for lack of a better word.

DYY said...

You're welcome.

Yes, I contemplated about adding this post, but I thought it might provide people with a sense of urgency to save hip hop. But instead, it gave readers a sense of urgency to vomit.