Sunday, August 20, 2006

My dad is so cool

My dad is a retired chef, but he gets so bored being retired (it's the asian work ethic in him) that he'll pick up random gigs here and there. Here is a conversation we had this week which will illustrate how cool my dad is:

(Chinglish translated by DYY)

YY: You know I started a new job this week?

DYY: Yeah.

YY: I quit today.

DYY: Why?

YY: The boss is really mean. He's a big yeller.


YY: Of course not! He wouldn't dare yell at me. He yells at the other workers, the waiters.

DYY: So what does this have to do with you?

YY: It's not right. He just yells to yell. It's not like any of the employees have done anything wrong. It's degrading. He's originally from Shanghai.

DYY: Um... and what does this have to do with you?

YY: Hellllooo! He's Shanghainese, and he's yellling at Cantonese people. Our people. Toi Son people. A Shanghainese person can't go around thinking he can yell at our people... and it's not like our people will talk back either.

DYY: Okay.

YY: So I scolded him when I quit.

DYY: No way! What did you say?

YY: Well, after he paid me (of course... it's the asian work ethic in him!), I told him he shouldn't talk to employees that way. That it's not right. This is America and you can get sued. Then I told him I quit.

DYY: Did you tell him your daughter is a lawyer and sues employers like him all the time?

YY: No.

DYY: Oh. So, what did he say?

YY: Nothing. He just rolled his eyes.

DYY: Wow, Dad, I'm impressed. But in the future, don't make too much trouble, okay? You're old, you know.

Isn't my dad so fucken cool? And people wonder where I get my social justice values from...


J said...

DYY: you are absolutely lovely and adorable. i love this story. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this story too... really shows how close you are to your dad. Makes me envious of your relationship and also so glad that you shared this with all of us.

tonkhero said...

Who said individuals can't make a difference? Awesome guy, wish he was in our union.