Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Lieberman the Loser

... or is he?

US Senator Joe Lieberman concedes the democratic primary election to challenger Ned Lamont and announces that he will run as an independent candidate in November 2008.

I mean, did he seriously think he was going to win the DEMOCRATIC primaries? It's true that democratics and republicans are the same in many ways... but this mofo was much further (FAR) right. He's like one of those evangelical christian republicans, but instead, he's jewish. I guess that would make him a zionist.

If he was truly a democrat, he would have cowardly and quietly supported the war efforts in the beginning, and now denounce it with a moral indignation (sigh... i belong to a party filled with pussies and punks). Rather, Lieberman still rallies for the war, and with vigor. With raw zionist vigor. So how can he call himself a Democrat? I guess he didn't read the memo.

Could this be an elaborate plan for him to leave the democratic party and still save face? As an "independent" who wasn't ousted by his party, he could still win the votes of conservative democrats, and now garnish support of republicans. And he can finally come out of the closet and be the neo-conservative republican he always wanted to be. It could be a brilliant plan, especially if the little troll can pull it off. I shudder to think about it.

But for tonight, I drink and smoke to Lieberman's loss. Burp.

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J said...

dude. i was following this sh*t all day. good riddance to him.