Thursday, August 3, 2006

Power Play at Pebble Beach

This past week, 250 News Corp. executives gathered for a management retreat at a posh seaside resort in Pebble Beach. As you may have guessed, this is a retreat organized by Rupert Murdoch, the devil incarnate himself.

Guest speakers included British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former President Clinton and Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres. Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton will opine on remaking complex organizations, former Vice President Al Gore will riff on climate change, and U2's Bono will deliver a keynote address titled "The Power of One."

If there's one man with the power to summon the powerful, mogul watchers agree, it's Murdoch. He has created a global media market by successfully operating in very different regulatory and political environments.

This is Murdoch's retreat agenda in PDF form. Crazy.

Goddamit. How did this one evil man acquire so much power? I faintly hear his sinister laughter now, Muhahahaha... ooh, it makes me shiver.

I am so jealous. I hate him. But at the same time, I want to be him. It's like that one episode in the Friday the 13th tv series where this really ugly record store dude with greasy hair and bad acne finds this possessed necklace that makes the wearer's dreams come true, and his wish is to be with this sexy female rock star, but later he realizes he wants to BE the rock star. It's a classic story. You know, guys wants girl, guy wants to be girl...

Sorry, I digress. Anyway, I wonder if he needs a protege? Dude, if Rupert had an Apprentice show, I would apply to be a contestant.

Here's a small public service announcement:
RESIST Murdoch! GET THE HELL OFF OF MY SPACE ... before it's too late...


Anonymous said...

I'm not understanding what is wrong with the agenda. There seems to be a mix bag of people from different political circles. What is the assumption here?

DYY said...

No assumptions. It's all quite obvious, you know, with Rupert's plan of world domination. I'm just player-hating, that's all.