Friday, February 3, 2006

The War on T-shirts

Cindy Sheehan (that soccer mom/anti-war activist who stalks Bush) was arrested and dragged out of the House chambers right before Bush's State of the Union speech last Tuesday... because she wore a t-shirt that said: "2245 Dead. How many more?" I've been reading various reports about it, but I found her own story to be most compelling. You should read it, cuz it almost made me cry.

I feel deep consternation for obvious reasons... violation of the first amendment... threatened freedom of speech... yes, all of that and a bag of chips. But now I must ask myself, "Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I wore this t-shirt today?", and that really sucks.

I happen to be a proprietor of several provocative (and, I would like to think, subversive) t-shirts, and I intend to purchase and/or make more.

Shortly after 9/11, my girl Retu warned me not to wear this shirt to the airport. I responded, "They ain't profiling me." I felt if I could make a statement and still be safe, I should. But times have changed... if they're going to tackle some housewife for her rather innocuous shirt, they would shoot me for wearing this. "Intifada" means "Uprising" in Arabic.

My pal KimCheeFarmer got me this shirt during the Presidential elections in 2004. I wore it to each Kerry/Bush debate party that my nerdy friends and I held... even to the Edwards/Cheney debate. Can you believe I am admitting this?

I wear this shirt to all the anti-war rallies and protests, at least ones I used to go to...

There is nothing particularly striking about this shirt but whenever I wear it, people notice. And they always ask, "Is that you?" I usually respond, "Yes." Suckas.

This shirt is a recent acquisition. I think it's HILarious... and witty.

When I first saw this shirt, I knew I must have it... but was concerned that people wouldn't get it. It turns out, many didn't, not even folks who knew and understood me! For them, I am disappointed. But the ones who did get it, LOVES IT. And that makes the $13.99 plus some uncertain stares and snickers... priceless.

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