Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My kind of celebrity siting

Living in LA for the past eight years and now working at the Guild, celebrity sitings are common, if not frequent. I barely mention them, unless the stars are BIG... yes, I still talk about how I practically sat next to Paris Hilton while dining at Toast, or how I wanted to follow Britney Spears into the washroom at Todai but her big black body guard blocked the entrance... still, it's so banal.

BUT i just crossed paths with MARK ZUPAN, star of the documentary Murderball! He's featured on the poster. He's quite fabulous, I must say. It happened this evening when I was biking across the intersection of Wilshire Blvd and Beverly St. He was approaching my direction in his wheelchair, and as he was about to pass me, I said, "Murderball?" He responded, "Yup." And that was it, because both of us were in motion. It was great. He looks just like he does on the big screen, with his shaved head and numerous tattoos. Most notably, I felt an affinity with him because we were both on wheels.

Murderball, a documentary about paraplegic and quadriplegic rugby players, was nominated for an Oscar this year for Best Documentary. Although I consider it to be one of the best documentaries this year, I doubt it will win because March of the Penquins was nominated too... I mean, how can you beat a penquin love story? It's just like how you can't beat a gay cowboy love story.

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Anonymous said...

no f-ing way, u met him on wheels! that's awesome.
i rented murderball last month, not bad. i like the graphics and the way it's shot and the film has a nice color tone through out. story wise gets weak after the first half though. i wonder if zupan gets any kind of money from the film's revenue...

- dbb