Monday, February 20, 2006

Mmm mmm good?

On route back to Phoenix, I spotted a CRACKER BARREL Restaurant off the side of the highway. This brought back many memories of Urbana, Illinois. I recall the hearty prairie food they serve, and the kitchy canteen next to the dining area. I convinced the girls to try it out. I told them it is GOOD.

Okay, so I was wrong. The girls immediately grew suspicious of the place once they read the menu... chicken fried chicken, fried okras, fried dumplins, fried hashbrown casserole... even fried apples. I think they finally decided the Cracker was on crack when they learned about the coca-cola cake... as gross as that may sound, I regret not ordering it.

I began to wonder... has the quality of food diminished or have my taste buds become refined? I feel the same way about IHOP, which was such a treat in the past but now I find repulsive. I hope this is not true for my other favorite pit stop, Perkins Restaurant... may the bread bowl salad live forever!

Sorry for getting you ladies and Baby Nickel sick and greasy. But what a memorable experience, right? I bet you'll never forget that image of the cook in the kitchen with his long beard tucked into a hair net. At least the staff at the Cracker are hygenic.


Baby Nickel J said...

That's okay, DYY Auntie. I actually enjoyed the prairie food and wish mommy would feed more of it to me.

blu-tooth said...

I have to say that the warm coca cola cake was tempting but after my 1/2 lb. hamburger I couldn't even breath! Despite my attempt to "love" cracker barrel, my love was sought in vain. I felt overwhelmed by how much sacrifice of my arteries I would have to commit to this establishment. Cracker Barrel was the perfect ending to our awesome trip to Sedona.