Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Paradise Now" Petition

(Let's cross our fingers that this movie wins for Best Foreign Film!)
To: The World

"Paradise Now" is a movie that attempts to explain the other side of the story. It is a story about the suffering of Palestinians and how an a life of desperation can lead to an act of desperation. The movie outlines the struggle Palestinians face under the Israeli occupation and how the use of their bodies has become the only form of resistance made available to them. Paradise Now does not attempt to "legitimize" the bombings, it simply presents the audience with the other side of the story, the Palestinian side, and allows those watching to draw their own conclusions.

"Paradise Now" has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film Category.

This petition was started in response to on-line petitions that are attempting to collect signatures to revoke the film's nomination. Another petition was also started to pressure the Academy into changing it's origin name from "Palestine" to "Palestinian Authority" under the argument that Palestine does not exist.

To deny the existance of Palestine is to deny the existance of Palestinians both historically and today.

Paradise Now is a film that deserves to be shown to the world regardless of people's political views. Its nomination should not be revoked and its name should not be changed.

Remember, there are always two sides to every story. It is only fair to hear the other side as well. The side that does not get any press coverage. The side you will never see on the evening news.

Whether you feel Paradise Now should retain its nomination or keep the name of "Palestine", whether you feel it deserves to win an Oscar or even if you feel that art should not be censored in any shape or form: please show your support and sign this petition.

Thank you kindly.

The Undersigned <--click for petition

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