Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stuck in the vortex

Salutations from Phoenix, Arizona! Wanda and I must stay here longer due to the delay of our Southworst flight, but we are still enjoying our stay... chillin at Liz's family's mansion home, drinking chai and playing rummy.

Wanda does not like being back in the real world, away from the vortex. I, on the other hand, was about to combust from the magnetic swirl of new age crystals that seem to surround us where ever we went.


Anonymous said...

Good times for sure!! While Blu tooth and bonded over the new age, hippie heart, color aura, revelation and pyschic breakdown of every problematic relationship in our lives, DYY reaped the benefits. Good Food, free shrink couch, good weather, FREE earings from a native american craftsmith, and a dope place to be. All she had to do was get to mi casa. I have to say that I needed the weekend-whether it was vortex, good chi, good vibes, a fireplace cabin, melting/microwaved smores, endless rummy games, or being one with nature-I think I would have enjoyed being anywhere with these super sassy and irreplaceable gals.XOXO hot mamma

blu-tooth said...

Despite the delays of flights, tiredness and travel, I could not have asked for better company and conversation with my beautiful sisters. This has added an abundance of joy, soul and love to my heart for you two! Thank you for your friendship and conversation. It makes me trust the world because you two are in it.

DYY said...

Ladies, you are chi-ed out. Don't let that vortex take over your soul!! Also, please refrain from adding such sweet and squishy comments on my blog. You know I like it rough.

(I do love you guys though! But don't tell anyone! DYY must maintain her reputation that she feels no emotions.)