Friday, February 17, 2006

Another cool celebrity siting

Yes, it's true... I stood in line next to Stevie Wonder at the Comp USA at the Beverly Connection yesterday evening. This time I didn't say anything because I was so embarrassed by this hippie in line that said, "Stevie, you rock!" and began bowing, as if Stevie could see his dumb ass.

I did intervene, however, when someone else in line whispered, "Ray Charles". Another dumb ass. I corrected him, of course, and noted that Mr. Charles had passed away a year ago.

Afterwards, I met BF at Soup Plantation and told him about Stevie. He made me go back with him to check Stevie out. We circled the computer games several times and gawked at Stevie like fools. Fortunately, Stevie didn't see us.

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