Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Casper, is that you?

Queen Mary, port side, Long Beach, CA

Two of the world's most famous ocean liners will meet for the first time Thursday in the Port of Long Beach in an event expected to draw hundreds of former passengers, ship buffs and other curious onlookers.

Today's LA Times features an article about how the Queen Mary 2, the world's largest passenger ship, is scheduled to pull near its namesake, the retired 1936-vintage Queen Mary, now a hotel and museum at the port.

This reminds me immediately of my recent overnight stay at the vintage (and reputably haunted) Queen Mary when BF's friend hosted a wedding party there... and when I saw a ghost.

I can't ascertain for a fact if what I saw was truly a ghost, but I will speak the facts and you can decide for yourself.

After being in traffic for what seemed like two hours before we arrive at Long Beach, I needed to pee so bad. I step onto the Queen Mary and practically run for the bathroom which, by the way, was located at the end of a very long and eerie hallway. I quickly step inside and into a stall... while a woman inside another stall is humming. I don't think much of it because I am so focused on peeing.

But real soon I start to think it's odd she keeps humming, even though she knows I'm there... and that she hums the same several chords... over and over and over again. Then I realize, Fuck... I'm on the Queen Mary, this shit is haunted! Still peeing, I bend over from my position in the stall and look under... two stalls to my right, I see a pair of adult-size feet, dangling from the toliet... without socks or shoes. In fact, the lady or ghost is slowly putting on her socks and shoes... and still humming! The same few chords!

So at this point, I totally freak out. I begin having images that the humming will stop, and the lady/ghost will be in front of my face.

I make myself stop peeing, and run out of the bathroom... I don't even wash my hands! The funny thing is, before I leave the bathroom, I quickly turn the faucet on and then off so that the lady/ghost doesn't realize I just pee-ed without washing my hands!

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