Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm Rick James, Bitch!

This mutherfucker is back! Hell yeah. But not on Comedy Central. He has a movie out next month, and was featured in the "Inside the Actor's Studio" the other day. Welcome back, dude. I missed you so so much.


Dead Boy in a Bun said...

u forgot to mention that film is by michel gondry.

DYY said...

YAY! My first comment by Dead Boy! But I don't know who Michael Gondry is! Teach me, Dead Boy, I need your wisdom!

Btw, how's Harkim's mommy? Back safely in Texas? Tell her to watch out for Cheney, man... he's gun happy in that state. Of course, I'm sure she's carrying her own semi-automatic so I know not to worry.