Thursday, February 9, 2006

I missed music's greatest night because...

I was busy getting my Eat On!
Photo by DYY
Harkim's mom, who is visiting from Texas, hooked it up! She made her special wontons and arranged them assembly style -- noodles, soup, wontons, bbq pork, fried pork intestines (yum!), greens, marinated jellyfish and taro. Bless Harkim's mommy's heart (and culinary skills).

Photo by DYY
Thanks to Midnight Blossom (MB) and his ladies for hosting. Also thanks to DBB (Dead Boy in a Bun), FF (Fair Fan), and LLD (Lady Long Drag) for the smokes and the laughs... Jane, we'll get you an acronym soon!

Despite missing the Grammy's, I made sure to check up on my favorite musicians.

Here's a picture of Gavin and pregnant Gwen, juxtaposed with Big G and pregnant Simzie, who ironically had a dream before we went to the Gwen Stefani concert at the Hollywood Bowl in October that Gwen and her were pregnant together... and it turns out, they were! I'm convinced that pregnant women are psychic. I would love to be psychic, not pregnant, one day.

I haven't been a Madonna fan since the '80s, but she looks good! And she's like fifty now, right? She looks better than most people in their twenty's so good for her. It makes me want to either do yoga or Kabbalah... whichever is less boring. But since I have a South Asian soul, and am dating a 1/2 Jewish boy, maybe I don't need to. I am probably equipped to teach a few yoga or Kabbalah classes!

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