Monday, February 20, 2006

Say "Chi" !!

The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona
Photo by DYY

Wanda, Liz, Nihkil Jye (aka Baby Nickel J) and I celebrated our forefathers' birthdays by spending a chi-filled weekend at Sedona, AZ. We stayed at this spot. Hot Mamma hooked up the accommodations.

We wined and dined at our cabin, thanks to Chef Blu-tooth who never fails to satisfy our ravenous appetites. She made lamb chops, an asparagus/brocolli medley and rice pilaf. You can get the recipe from her cookbook that will come out soon, courtesy of DYY Publishing.

Photo by DYY
Behind my girls and Baby Nickel is the Vortex. Wanda commented all day how she felt the spirtual and gravitational pull of the Vortex. As beautiful as the Vortex was, I felt nothing. I was just glad I didn't combust, or be sacrified to the Vortex by new age hippies.

I still connected with my spiritual side, however. Here I am paying homage to the indigenous peoples of the Southwest. They are my heroes; I am their humble servant.


blu-tooth said...

So I thought my friend told me that Sedona has great cheese before I left to join Liz and Rebecca in Sedona. We discussed in the car that it was quite impressive that this beautiful place also holds such culinary delights. After a few hours, DYY began to doubt my comments and asked are you sure your friend didn't mean "chi?" Not wanting to loose face, I stood firm in my belief and said maybe the cheese came from buffalos. Which Baby Nikel's mama asked if it could be a byson. This perplexing conversation soon went wayward and I finally said, it must be buffalo, cause where did little buffalos come from if not from a female buffalo? That is the story of the Chi !

DYY said...

Yes, I thought Blu-tooth's explanation was strange because buffalos are nearly extinct... but maybe that's why we couldn't find any cheese.

Don't feel bad... chi and cheese do sound similar. I know it's difficult to discern for someone whose english is a second language.

blu-tooth said...

It was rather not a lack of my english language abilities rather than the fact that I was intoxicated when I heard this.