Wednesday, January 4, 2006

We're not losing our voices!

It tickled my fancy today to discover that yesterday's article in the LA Times about the "dying" dialect of Cantonese made it to the MOST EMAILED STORIES section. It's no wonder why. Not only did I forward the link to all my Canto homies in LA (plus BF who needs to learn more about my people) but everyone and their grandmas forwarded the link to me! I felt oddly proud. I did kinda hope that the article would make the section. But I can't tell if I'm proud due to the mass exposure and interest of the article (and, therefore, my people) or that my friends read the paper...

The mass forwards triggered several interesting conversations, mostly about the reverie of our tongue. Like how Cantonese is so vibrant and colorful. Edgy. How no other language or dialect has the variety of slang we have. And thanks to the article, my long-standing belief that Mandarin is a dialect closer to royalty is FALSE. Mandarin was simplified by the Communist government for the proletariat class, which is nice and sweet. Very egalitarian. However, Cantonese is a far superior dialect. Sorry.

As a courtesy, Joe Mak emailed us words of wisdom and knowledge to share with our kin and future generations to ensure that we never, ever lose our voices:

Diu Lei Lo Mo (fuck your mother)
Lei Lo Mo Hi (your mother's pussy)
Lo Mo Chow Hi (mother's stinky pussy)
Diu Gow Chow Hi (fucking stinking pussy)
Hui Sei A Lei (go and die)
Lei Go Lun Yeung (your dick face)
Yak See Lun Yeung (eat shit dick face)

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