Thursday, January 5, 2006

"It's funny-sad," said his mother

Tonkhero alerted me to this article in the paper today about Trevor Corneliusen from Olympia, Washington. Trevor is my hero. A classic stoner. Well, the article never actually mentions Big-T taking any illicit drugs, but we all know better. Here are the facts: (1) He's from Olympia; (2) He's an artist; (3) He retreats to the Mojave Desert each winter to "meditate"; (4) He comes up with a bright idea to chain his ankles with links and a padlock to pose for a sketched self portrait, and then (5) he loses the key!! And finally, to prove he was high on some good ass kush, he gets himself out of the stupid stoner scenerio and survives! Like a classic stoner survivor with a zest for life, he hobbles for 12 hours and 5 miles "through sand and scrub brush, using a wooden pole for a walking stick, before reaching a gas station in Baker to call for help."

My next joint will be dedicated to you, Big-T. You will be in my thoughts.

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