Sunday, January 8, 2006

Sunday Sundries

I first thought the funniest thing I was gonna read today was this ice sculpture of a sitting Buddah at the Grand Ice and Snow World in Harbin City, China. I'm not sure why I find this picture hilarious, but I do.

I soon learn I am so wrong. Almost back to back, I find articles that get even weirder and more peculiarly spiteful. In New Mexico, this dude catches a mouse in his house (hey, I rhyme!) and tosses it into a burning pile of leaves. An ablaze Mickey runs back in the house and burns the shit down!! The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!!

Then in Montana, this cow escapes a slaughterhouse, dodges vehicles, runs in front of a train, braves the icy Missouri River and takes three tranquilizer darts before being recaptured six hours later. Sounds like a typical day at the border...

Finally, the last story is from Canada... so it's not that great. Nevertheless, it's about some vengeful man who apparently has no life. As a dissatisfied credit card holder, he decides to make dozens of tiny payments a day via the bank's online payment system, jamming its computers. What kind of stupid Canuck shit is this? Regardless, I find a CNN site that reports on offbeat news. A handy website of quirky treasures, consolidated by a reputable source like CNN (note sarcasm on latter part of sentence). Goody. I watch a video stream named How to get back at annoyances that I find quite appealing. It's about getting back at strangers that annoy the shit out of you. Interesting thing is that I conjured up at least half of those retaliatory acts back in the day when I used to be a hoodlum. Straight up. Unfortunately, I do not know how to connect the video to this blog, but I have an appointment with WMD next week to decipher such programming dilemmas.

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