Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tego v. Diddy

My boy, Tego Calderon, the Godfather of Reggaetone, turned down an offer by Puffy to appear in Sean John's spring collection campaign after Tego learned that Comb's company is involved with sweatshops in Central America.

Photo by DYY
My boy got some principles, man. When I was at his concert at the Hollywood Park Casino last summer, Tego spoke frequently about Puerto Rican and Latino pride and unity. He made me wish I was Puerto Rican. Well, actually, I didn't understand a word that mofo said... but unity (and love) speaks a universal language.

Thanks to that big tattooed cholo at the Arco gas station in Pacoima who introduced me to Tego in 2003. If you didn't deafen me with those Tego beats blaring from your El Dorado, I would have never knew of this man's greatness.

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