Saturday, January 14, 2006

Viva LA!

This sticker is on someone's rear view window.

At first I thought it was a political thing. Then I realize it may be a hip hop thang. Or an intersection of both? Nonetheless, my feelings are ambivalent. Not sure if I think it's cool and bold, or just plain cheesy. I mean, the fist in the air is played out... the spray paint font is played out too. But what else depicts a life of the concrete jungle? The only other option you have is that old English gang script. Photo by DYY


christine said...

it's actually the cover to a Rage Against the Machine album.

DYY said...

Oh shit, for reals? Thanks for watching out, girl! So i guess the real question should be, why the fuck is someone still listening to Rage Against Machine?

pseudonym said...

Perhaps because they were a great band and Audio Slave can't match up.