Tuesday, January 17, 2006

God to blame?

Mayor Nagin of New Orleans said in a speech that the hurricanes were a sign of God's anger toward the United States and toward black communities, too, for their violence and in fighting.
I'm all for passing the blame onto others, but I'm getting really tired of everyone attributing natual disasters and illness and just plain inexplicable bad things to God. There are reasonable and scientific explanations to most everything, yet people throughout history have been blaming God. Take the Bubonic Plague for example... those dirty Euros blamed God when they should have been taking showers and disposing their garbage in a civilized manner. As for the hurricanes, has anyone heard of GLOBAL WARMING? The more we blame God, the less we are accountable for our own actions and do what is necessary to prevent future disasters, like building adequate levies or developing alternative energy sources. Anyway, enough preaching... all I have to say is when the bird flu pandemic finally breaks out, don't blame the Chinese for sleeping with the poultry, you better remember to blame God.


blu-tooth said...

I totally appreciate your perspective about blaming God. I agree that there's always a reaction to human evolution. Basically it seems to be telling us that we are harming our own world and if we fail to heed the warnings, well there goes the neighborhood. And about the birds, chinese people would still eat it before they die. At the rate of natural disasters, it may just well be worth it.

blu-tooth said...

I got this email from such a nice friend today, who can't even spell "GOTCHA!!!!" and when questioned further about her condition she faked serious injury to self and emotion. I suggested that maybe the massage that Stephen gave happened prior to the concusion of the accident.
She said she didn't know but the dr. found finger marks, similar to domestic violence situations. She warned me to be weary that I may potentially suffer from the same condition and would have to seek costly medical attention as her. I also asked, just to see, if her dr. provided careful consultation. She said the dr. didn't want to give her any c-scan and just looked at her.

My friend kept asking me to wait for an email while I was speaking with her condition on the phone. I thought that was a bit odd, while I was seriously concerned about her condition. Then the email came and she said did you read it? I said, what is "GOTHA" and she laughed crazily and said , GOTCHA!

Please see email below for context.

I don't want to say it but should I blame God for a friend like Her?

Subject: RE: doctor analysis
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:05:23 -0800
From: "DYY"


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 11:52 AM
Subject: doctor analysis

Hi Wanda,

As you know, I saw the doctor yesterday regarding my concussion. Peculiarly, he asked if "someone" struck me in the head. I asked why. He said that I have a couple of indentations in my skull that resembles a man's fingers. He believes such "man-handling" has exacerbated my condition. I am required to do physical therapy every week for three months.

I'm not going to sue Steven or anything, but I thought you should know. His strength is a lot more forceful and dangerous than he realizes.


DYY said...

hahaha... i wouldn't blame God for the ferocious indentations that your boyfriend implanted on my precious skull. I might blame you for not providing sufficient notice of the danger of your man's beastly hands, or Joe Mak for whistling and walking way...

** Also, this blog should not be used by the public to make complaints about DYY. To have your claim heard, you must file a formal grievance and pay a filing fee of $69.00 Thank you.

blu-tooth said...

uh.. whatever.. you owe me some compensation for pain and suffering that I experienced this afternoon while I was so concerned about you. You maliciously took advantage of my care and love for you.

My "BOYFRIEND" knows his own strength and shouldn't be preyed upon by ungrateful friends who may have issues with dating "white men". But hey, project it elsewhere.

This is a blog and can't be policed by just you. Obviously anyone can write anything. What you gonna do now?? (=^.^=)

blu-tooth said...

And I thought after reading this wonderful first thoughts on this blog that you actually made progress in your spiritual beliefs. And then to find this, I have to say its quite disappointing.

By the way.. would you want me to stop praying to God for you???

divine styler said...

objecting to others "blaming god" and recognizing that as a form of spiritual growth is a bit of a stretch. perhaps if dyy owned up to her own blaming god for her lack of go-karting driving ability, THAT would be some form of growth. but that's only happened in an alternate reality.

DYY said...

Spiritual progress? I'm a heathen, girl, now and forever. Still, don't stop praying for me... i like it. I have someone praying for me in each religion, and I don't know any other fundamental Christians.

blu-tooth said...

I ain't a fundamental Christian. Obviously from the activities I participate in with the heathens. I believe in what God is, which is to live a life of love. Not one that play pranks on others.