Monday, March 13, 2006

"Your time is up!"

Last week when my dad visited, I slept on the couch in the living room while he slept in my room. Naturally I turned on the TV and surfed channels, particularly MTV, VH1 and E! Entertainment. Now I know why I don't watch TV anymore...

Flavor of Love, Public Enemy's Flavor Flav's latest reality show, has twenty single women move into a mansion and vie for his affection. Flavor Flav dates all of the women, weeds out the ones who are only after his fame and fortune...and in the end chooses his one true love.

It is really a gross show. Flavor Flav is fuckin old and ugly, while the women seem so desperate and pathetic.

The last episode I saw was hilarious though. Pumpkin, a trashy white woman, spits in the face of New York, a black woman obsessed with Flav. New York grabs the back of Pumpkin's head and tosses her against the camera.

I guess you have to watch to really appreciate the greatness. It's some riveting TV.

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