Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Man v. Machine

BF and I went to see the 1962 classic, Lonely Are The Brave, starring Kirk Douglas. The story is based on the book, The Brave Cowboy, by Edward Abbey, who wrote stories about the preservation of the wilderness and man's struggle (and combat) with industrialization. I can understand why BF, the ultimate nature boy, adores him so much.

Now back to the movie, which was a black and white Western, very unlike DYY. In fact, I never sat through an entire Western before... and I fell asleep for only a very small part of it so you should be impressed.

Now what I can't understand is people who are in such disbelief that cowboys could be gay... with their tight jeans and cowboy shirts, and matching handkerchiefs tied perfectly on their necks, it's all so obviously gay. Kirk Douglas looked fuckin gay. Sorry, but he did.

But back to the movie... the acting was awful, action was slow, and the plot was unbelievable (Douglas breaks into jail, breaks out of jail and becomes a fugitive on the run, with nothing to live for but his horse and freedom)... but I did enjoy the story, which I think should be attributed to Abbey. I felt for Douglas' character, who yearned for a simple time when there were "no borders, no bridges". At the end, he and his horse, Whiskey, were hit by a huge semi transporting kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Damn those toliets! Modernization killed Whiskey!

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