Sunday, March 19, 2006

All-night with ORB

A whole gang of us went to see ORB, the grand-daddy of Ambient and Electronic music, last night, or shall I correctly say, this morning, at the Disney Concert Hall. As much as I resent corporate ownership of public spaces, Disney graciously hosted this concert from midnight until 6 am!

Imagine music-lovin' hipsters and fashionistas cruise the halls and congregate in a variety of sections at the concert hall. The first few acts and the last act sucked, but ORB was truly excellent. We danced at our seats and grooved to their classic electronic sounds.

They officially stopped serving alcohol at 2 am but we were fortunate to befriend a bartendar that continued to serve our tequilla orders. We are forever grateful to that unknown geeky-looking man.

Here I am with Lady Pun at 6 am in front of the concert hall.

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