Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An experiment gone wrong

In London, a medical study was administered on volunteers to determine the effectiveness of a new drug made to treat leukemia patients... needless to say, the drug company still has a lot of work ahead of them...

"It felt like we stepped into some sort of horror film," Raste Khan, one of two men who were given placebos in the trial of TGN1412. "The three other men in my ward started vomiting, then they began to fall in and out of consciousness. The person on my left was begging doctors to help him. I was really scared and was just waiting for it to start happening to me."

The experimental drug caused convulsions and organ failure immediately after it was injected. Two men remained in a coma and four others were seriously ill.

Is it me or does this sound really awful and fucked up? This would never happen during a study of medicinal marijuana...

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