Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Addendum to Previous Post

The internet world is in a frenzy over Pumpkin spitting on New York. Here's a comment from Ashlee... I like how she writes.

I think that NewYork is a crazy psycho bitch. Yeah pumpkin was wrong for spittin' in her face but a real bitch like me would've beat that bitch ass for spittin in my face. Spittin' is the worse thing you can do to somebody and that was just over board. That's basically saying that the person just disgust you. I wouldn't care about gettin' kicked off tha show because that was just disrespectful. Pumpkin was a lame for spittin' and runnin too. Ain't none of them bitches bout that real shit so I don't give props to nan one of them. They whack. I just put it like this you ain't considered a bad bitch unless you handle yo business!!! It don't matter what color you are cause if you just bout it then you bout whateva. Flav need to choose hoopz cause she a real ass female and she don't act all sidity and shit. Yeah she is a pretty woman and all but she ain't full of herself like NewYork and she just a cool person.

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