Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hasidic Reggae

When BF and I first saw this dude perform for the Chabad Telethon on some public access station, we laughed... for a long time. But after our laughter subsided, and we wiped away the tears, we opened our ears... and discovered that Matisyahu is pretty good. I heard he was featured in the LA Times last month, and now he's a national celebrity.

The 26-year-old has reconciled strict religious demands with a staccato chant pop style that has taken his latest album "Youth" straight into the Billboard charts at number four with 120,000 copies sold in one week. He will be one of the top names at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago in August.
His rap is hardcore but puts across a positive message:

"Strip away the layers and reveal your soul,

Give yourself up and then you become whole".

That's deep, man. You know, I love Hasidic Jews. I really do. They're so neat. To find one that raps and sings reggae in Yiddish... it touches my heart and expands my love for Jewish orthodoxy.

*Btw, I accompanied Dead Boy to the FISH GRILL today for lunch. The Fish Grill, located in the heart of a Hasidic community in LA, is an absolute must! The prices are good and the fish is so fresh and moist and tasty. Totally casual but clean. Great outdoor patio. Hot men with thick beards. Check them out and support a local Hasidic business: 7226 Beverly Boulevard, a block west of La Brea. (323) 937-7162.

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