Friday, November 3, 2006

Tonkhero gets busted!

Here he is in the center of the picture, getting accosted by the Pigs during a Janitors' Strike in Houston yesterday (btw, you should check out the link, my boy made the New York Times!). Tonk and 11 other union reps were arrested for blocking traffic after handcuffing themselves to trash cans and sitting in the middle of the street.

I think Tonk used my handcuffs...

Although I have my own personal opinions about the overall effectiveness of traditional types of civil disobedience, especially in this day and age (a discussion for another time), I am so proud of these folks, especially the low wage workers who have so much to risk when they put their lives and limbs on the line. It is very brave and admirable. I look to them for courage and strength.

Here's Vu giving his sexy eyes to the cops. He's such a flirt!