Thursday, November 2, 2006

Call to Action

(This Call to Action follows a recent racial incident that occurred at
UCLA Law School.
Oh how I love my alma mater... it hasn't changed one
bit since I left!)

Friends, Alumni, Colleagues and Allies,

SHARE JD (Students Helping to Assure Racial Equity, Justice and
Diversity), an organization at UCLA Law school, is planning a direct
action to mark the 10-year anniversary of the passage of Proposition
209 which ended any participation in Affirmative Action programs on
behalf of public institutions.

Since Prop 209, the number of students of color at public
universities across California has dwindled such that at UCLA, only
96 black students enrolled at the undergraduate level for the school
year of 2006-2007 out of an incoming class of 3,000.

At the law school, we have ONE black woman in the class of 2008 which
has about 350 students. We had more black students in 1969 at the law
school than we do in 2006.

These numbers are outrageous and similar stats can be found at almost
every public higher education institution across California.

On the morning of Thursday November 2, SHARE JD is coordinating
students of color to "walk-in" to law school classes at UCLA. We want
students to see what our classrooms SHOULD look like if it was
representative of the people of Los Angeles and California. We also
want students of color to feel empowered to take their space and their

To accomplish this we need YOU to contact as many people of color as
possible and have them e-mail if they are
interested in 'walking-in.'

There are 11 classes we are trying to fill. The idea is to walk-in to
classes beginning at 10:50am and 11:00am. Each group will have a
representative speaker who will address the class and professor.
Afterwards, we will head to the courtyard to hear a speaker.

In justice,


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