Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Happy 1000th!

While the United States celebrates it's 300 millionth person residing in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, DYY celebrates its 1000th profile view. (Just like how Blogger tracks profile views, I found a website that tracks the number of people in the US and the World through a Population Clock. Kind of neat, I think.)

The Zeitgeist Guide: DYY Edition is currently at profile view number 1009... which means my blog has been averaging about 100 new views each month since its inception in January 2006. Not too shabby, eh?

At any major milestone, reflection of one's existence is contemplated... and often a drastic change follows. The change could be something minor, such as a new hairstyle or body piercing. Sometimes its more permanent. One may decide to quit a job. Rob a bank. Move to another country. Start a new identity.

I have thought of all these things... and more. Nonetheless, I have no intention to start a new identity, because I like my current identity very much. I have decided, however, to change the name of my blog.


Same bedtime stories. Just a new phat fresh title.

Thank you for your interest and participation thus far. Remember, DYY loves you... everyone else thinks you're a little bitch.


tonkhero said...

You don't get 100 new views a month by sitting you your hands. Congratulations, DYY, you've got a following. Now for the profit angle...

DYY said...

Yes, it's hard work. Thank you for the recognition, my loyal reader.

It's always about profit. From day one, homie!

Oprah said...

Do I smell competition?