Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crafts over Cocktails

Last night, Blu-tooth and I attended CRAFTNIGHT hosted by Julianna Parr and held at the Akbar in Silverlake. CraftNight is a weekly Wednesday night community craft and cocktail social hour.

Craftnight's mission: Run by artists for all people, Craftnight strives to bring forth the unrealized artistic talents of the greater public. We perform this mission by incorporating an atmosphere of bohemia and great cordiality.

Yes, expect bohemia and lots of it. But it's true, there was great cordiality, even for two outwardly-appearing non-bohemians like Blu-Tooth and I. We really appreciated the warmth and hospitality, and the complimentary donuts from the craftspeople of the adjoining table.

Also, the theme changes each week. Yesterday, we focused on public spaces and had a choice to either make a warehouse or a convenience store.

I'm sure you can tell by now there is a slight political bent... but that's what makes Craftnight even more special. There's a reason to the madness and creativity. It's not just about construction paper and crayons and glitter, although I wouldn't mind if it was.

So Blu-Tooth chose to make a convenience store that sells children.

I opted for the warehouse, and made a Crack-Whore House.
Two in one, baby!

Dude, can I tell you that coloring brings me back to the good ole' days! Well, it was either that or I was getting high from the flavor-scented markers... or maybe it was the two margaritas I had. I can't be sure. But it was nice.

In our make-believe crafts world, our buildings would be located next door to one another. When "an accident" occurs in the Crack-Whore House, you can sell IT at CHILDREN R US!

We even made new friends!
I think craft-making bonds people instantaneously. Like Helmer's glue.

Blu-Tooth and I intend to return to make snowman puppets (Dec. 6) and holiday snow globes (Dec .13). We can't wait!

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