Monday, November 27, 2006

St. Judas in the Big Apple

Judas riding on the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Judas in front of a correctional facility in Downtown

Judas at Washington Square

Judas on top of garbage on a Manhattan street

Judas befriending a hamster at K-Train's pre-school


ATG said...

Hey, is that St. Judas or St. Jude??

DYY said...

It's JUDAS, the one who sold Jesus out. That is why he is now designated as the Patron Saint of Bling Bling. Respect.

tonkhero said...

Dylan: "Frankie Lee [Chinese? -ed.] and Judas Priest, they were the best of friends. So when Frankie needed money one day, Judas quickly pulled out a roll of tens."

J said...


who needs a gnome.