Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boogie down in Brooklyn

Miss Ritu Singha (producer of upcoming movie, TRON -- watch for it) and I went to the Caddyshack in Brooklyn on Friday night. With this description from the Village Voice, we couldn't resist:

Sadly, there are no strip clubs for dykes in the city. If lady lovers wanted to see the gravity-defying acrobatics of pole-dancing, they had to visit a gentlemen's club. That is, until Cattyshack began featuring women working the pole, which is positioned on the bar with a red light for extra effect. Friday night's Cirrah party features the best of the lot. Hostess Aja announces each of the dancers, who saunter their way to the bar in occasionally elaborate, always shimmery ensembles from bikini tops to pasties. These ladies have a way of making you feel like every split and spin is just for you. They climb the metal with an ease that's almost unsettling and with just as much skill as any hair-swinger at the local strip bars for dudes. Just don't forget your singles.

We had a lovely time. Here are some highlights and observations:

(1) No matter what kind of club you are in, or sexual preference you may have, pole dancers are hot. No one can deny this.

(2) Race is deep, man. There is racial segregation in our cities, in our schools, in our workplaces... so why not at the local lesbian bar? The upstairs of the Caddyshack was occupied by all white women while the downstairs had all the women of color. The upstairs played 80s music while the downstairs played hip hop and dance music. Coincidence? I doubt it.

(3) Any bar that has a Ms. Pac Man machine is an excellent venue.

(4) We received major attitude from some of the women (particularly the ones from upstairs, maybe because we crossed racial lines?) for absolutely no reason. For reals, no reason. Hello, Ladies, what happen to sister solidarity? I love you bitches, you don't even know. Haters need to bring back happy in the gay...

(5) Why is it that every time I hang out with Miss Ritu, management tells us to shut up?

And why is it that we never listen and end up mocking them instead?? Ah, good times.

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