Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Birthday to Me

Freaky "WOW" Friday: I am only allowed to disclose two things from our debaucherous night: (1) The Standard rooms are soundproof; and (2) a four-person bathtub becomes a six-person bathtub when you roll with Asians. We're compact like that. Asians should feel proud for consuming less space in our overpopulated world.
Clockwise: Rock Star Birthday Boy Divine Styler, Why Jane, Blu-Tooth, Lady Pun, Minshaker, DYY, and featuring DJ Ferrara
Joe says, it's Nice v. Naughty

Also featuring Joe's down syndrome personality -- Corky Mak!

It's getting HOT in heeerrrre!

Sweaty Saturday: The friday night continues into Saturday (literally) at Joe Mak's birthday BBQ at Frohawk's house.
The hostess and host and signature baby seal
Devil worshipping at Bohemian Grove
The president and co-founder of Bohemian Grove,
Demon Master Divine Styler!

Sober Sunday (kind of): Felt ill and tired. Napped and read all day. Still rallied and went to Hollywood Bowl in the evening to see A.R. Rahman and Bollywood Night. I swear, Rahman is the Indian version of Sergio Mendes!

My South Asian sisters and I had hoped it would be more jiggy, but unfortunately, they played classical songs and ballads most of the evening, one semi-bhangra hit, and the Indian national anthem as the finale. My Pakastani sisters weren't happy about that, but did admit it's a beautiful song. Even though I didn't get a chance to show off my new bhangra moves, I was so happy to be part of the scene. It's probably the first time Hollywood Bowl has ever hosted a night of only South Asian performers... and the tickets were sold out! I think half the audience was South Asian, and they ranged from young to old, with many of the women wearing colorful saris. It was pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

it was indeed the weekend to remember~ love you all who shared the night!!!!

Anonymous said...

i remember the layer of dirt in that bathtub...

DYY said...

Can someone forward that picture of bathtub grime? We may be compact, but DIRTY!

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