Monday, July 10, 2006

Holy Smoke

Inside the bathroom of Marshall McGearty, a tobacco lounge located on 1553 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park

Indoor smoking was recently banned at restaurants and public buildings in Chicago. Bars, taverns and clubs have until July 2008 to comply.

To some Chicagoans, particularly smokers, the ban seems a bit harsh. But remember how it seemed harsh when they prohibited smoking on commerical airplanes... and now it seems reasonable, even appropriate? I vaguely recall when I first moved to LA, the smoking ban was recently regulated. I went to bars and met people who bitched and moaned when they had to go outside to smoke. Now it seems totally normal, even to smokers.

Fascinating how culture can change attitudes and vice versa.

I asked the bartender at Marshall McGearty (which, i think you should know, is owned by R.J. Reynolds) what would happen to them when the ban gets instituted. She said as long as a percentage of their sales consist of tobacco (they sell liquor as well as other beverages), indoor smoking is allowed at their establishment.

I kind of think the forthcoming ban might be a good thing for their business. We'll see...

Despite my distaste for its owner, the lounge is fucken cute, with its vintage modern furniture and quaint design. Cute vintage ash trays. Board games. They have books and board games. I love that shit.

I also think ventilation is key. MM has good ventilation so it doesn't feel stuffy or smokey (turns out that MM actually has a high-tech ventilation system). Non-smokers of tobacco products like me can enjoy clean-smelling hair and still hang out with cool smokers. I hate to promote smoking, but you know smokers look cool.
DYY pictured here with clean-smelling hair and cool-looking friends

*NOTE* This is not a cigarette ad*

If this posting creates a craving for tobacco or cigarettes, please forward this link to Mr. Reynolds. Thank you.

(Yo, R.J.! Have your people call my people. 323.dyy.zfly)


cuzzie nd said...

You should have told me you were going to MM. I am a 5 minute walk away! Who is R.J. Reynolds?

DYY said...

Girl, I was in that area twice that week! There's a vintage store there called Lenny & Me that is really excellent.

Oooh, you live in the hipster area... did you know there was NOTHING there, except that currency exchange (next to the former MTV house) and old factories that held raves, when i first left Chicago?

Btw, R.J. Reynolds is a company that owns and sells Camels, Kools, Winstons, Salems... most name-brand cigarettes.

cuzzie nd said...

Yes, I thought it was the same person that owned Camels. I did not know that he owned a store too.

I think all those factories are now lofts. It's a fun area. Whre is Lenny and Me?

DYY said...

Mr. Reynolds owns more than cigarettes and stores... i'm sure he owns someone's first son.

1463 N. Milwaukee. Damn. I'm a fucken walking advertisement.