Monday, September 11, 2006

What I've been listening to on my ipod

That's right, bitches, I have been listening to Stevie-fucken-B! He brings me back, way back. I'm talking junior high, folks. Oh yeah.

I think he is best known among my peers from immigrant communities... especially from Chinese, Filipino and Latino populations. We all love him. Some may deny their love, but deep down, there is true love.

Here's a his bio:
A native of South Florida, he worked a variety of dead-end jobs ranging from car-wash attendant to fast-food server before scoring his debut hit with 1987's "Party Your Body," which grew from a regional success to national club smash; it was also the title track of his 1988 debut LP, which went gold. With 1989's In My Eyes, Stevie B. launched his first Top 40 hit, "I Wanna Be the One"; its follow-up, "Love Me for Life," soon cracked the Top 40 as well.

With 1990's "Because I Love You," he reached the pinnacle of his success, with the single's accompanying album Love & Emotion also generating a pair of Top 20 hits, "I'll Be by Your Side" and the title cut. However, with the subsequent rise of alternative rock, Stevie B.'s light dance-pop sound lost much of its mainstream appeal, and he never again recaptured his previous success, with records including 1992's Healing and 1996's Waiting for Your Love appearing to little notice. The Best of Stevie B. followed in 1998.

Here's his picture.
Yummy, huh?


Anonymous said...

running out of interesting to write about?

DYY said...

Whaaat? No, you didn't talk shit about Stevie B. He is relevant to the immigrant house music subculture.

If you do not see the significance of Stevie B., you are either: (1) a naturalized american citizen born and raised in communist china or canada,(2) slightly deaf and without legs for dancing; or (3)White Causasian.

Not that I have anything against these categories, but you know, I'm just saying.