Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I won!

Can you believe this sweet lady is mine? I won her from my bid on Ebay with the help of my sister, who is a mother of two toddlers and, consequently, a skilled Ebay user. Or shall I say Ebay winner? Because that's what I am, bitches. I beat fellow Ebay user, ValleyOfTheDolls.

I spotted this poster when I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this past Sunday. The bohemian guy selling it wanted $30 for it. I said $10. He said no. I walked away... but with much regret.

Then I thought, wait a minute... I live in the 21st century! I don't have to buy merchandise from this stupid hippie. I can buy it from the internet!

This Nagel's going to hang in my office. It will be perfect. I will be adored by co-workers. I can't wait.

The official inaugural ceremony will be held in October.

You know, back in the late 80s, I remember thinking Patrick Nagel's work was so cheesy. I speculate my unappreciation stemmed from simple oversaturation. It seemed like every teenager and mother in Chinatown had a print in their room.

Today, I embrace Nagel's work and take delight in his images. All the women in his pictures have suddenly become fresh in a postmodern way. Maybe that's why I like Nagel now. It's amazing how your perspective changes within the context of your most current existence.

Damn, I'm deep. Do you think I sound like a philosopher? Maybe I should consider that for my next career change...



YOU BITCH!!! I was bidding on THAT! Take that.....


Grace Z. said...

Don't you love the total high you get when you're the highest bidder? Ebay's the best! Plus you can sell dumb stuff on there like empty baby food jars and people will buy them?

DYY said...

Mothers should unite and make a business out of selling empty baby food jars. It might be good for the economy.