Monday, September 11, 2006

Seoul Brothers

The guys from The Kims of Comedy (they now call themselves Seoul Brothers) performed at a fundraiser for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) this past Saturday evening. They were awesome! I think I have serious crushes on all of them. Like I can't even rank who I would like better because I like them all for different reasons. I wonder would they be interested in a five-way comedy match. I wonder if I could beat them.

Although the Brothers used about 75% of the same material that was the DVD, I really enjoyed watching them live. Also, AADAP seems like such a great organization. They have been in the community and helping victims of drug abuse for 33 years! So, of course, the refreshments served after the concert were cake and punch. Respectful and so cute. In fact, I stood in solidarity with AADAP members because I too was sober for the entire evening, and still had a fabulous time. It's good to be high on life, although I firmly believe life is better with drugs. But for that night, even without Square One Organic Vodka, I felt social AND socially-conscious. Holla!

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