Sunday, June 18, 2006

St. Francis of Assisi

Photo by DYY
Dedicated to Tonkhero, as this mural sits across from one of his favorite restaurants, Madame Matisse, in Silverlake, Los Angeles

I recall from my parochial school education that St. Francis was a quiet young man who loved animals, and they loved him right back. Apparently, they flocked to him. He was one of those dudes that would extend his finger and a bird would appear from no where and sit on it. And hum.

I think that is why doves, also symbols of peace, were painted alongside.

Of course in modern times, he would be considered an anti-social freak engaged in beastiality... since he wasn't into kids like the rest of the saints.


tonkhero said...

Is that a huge boner the Saint has? Or is he just happy to finally be in LA, ready to star in Mel Gibson's next gorefest?

DYY said...

It's those damn doves. You can't fight desire.