Tuesday, June 27, 2006

David Hockney...

is my favorite artist at the moment! Josh and I went to his exhibit at LACMA tonight and it was superb. David Hockney is extremely prolific and talented in a variety of mediums, such as oil colors, watercolors, photography, chalking, etching, sketching, coloring, collages, print, etc. The majority of his subjects are portraits of his family and friends. You can tell through his work how he loves to document the people in his life, and let me tell you, he is one major socialite! He knows famous curators, poets, writers, artists... I think I would love to live Hockney's life. He is a true artist.

"Faces are the most interesting things we see; other people fascinate me, and the most interesting aspect of other people -- the point where we go inside them -- is the face. It tells all."

Below are a few of my favorite portraits from the exhibit (and ones I found easily on the web):

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josh said...

Dude! Hockney rocks! I thought his work was mainly those 80's pastel watercolors of LA poolside scenes! Not so! He works in so many other modes. And, the poolside watercolors are much more engaging in person. Plus, his work encodes such a sensuous (and frank!) gay gaze...It's really awesome, and so, daughter of yipyee, are you! Love, Josh