Sunday, June 4, 2006

Lake Shrine

Photo by DYY
Per the request of both Blu-Tooth and Lady Simzie, BF and I paid a visit to Lake Shrine in Malibu this past weekend. It was nice and tranquil and all, but I preferred the meditation center in San Diego. The foliage and landscape were better in SD. And the koi in SD didn't seem so mutantly large and grotesque.

Speaking of mutant koi, while we continued on our trail around the man-made lake, a koi jumped up from the water several times, as if it was hooked to a fishing line... but no one was around except us. It bounced into the air several times. I told Hays it must be an omen... but whether it was a good or bad omen, who knew? I tried researching it on the web, but no luck.

Damn hippie scum messing with my mind!!

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