Sunday, June 18, 2006

Poor Britney

Britney Spears' interview on Dateline hadn't triggered any interest until Dead Boy said he was shocked at how Britney looked (with her low-cut tank top, jean shorts and flip flops, covered with cheap Walmart make-up) on a national news show on primetime TV.

So we were so delighted to find the entire interview by Matt Lauer on YouTube. At first we couldn't stop laughing at her responses as she tried to defend herself against the tabloids. We laughed at the air quotes she incorrectly used at every fifth sentence. She self-identified as "country" and it was apparent that she was.

But after ten minutes, I started feeling bad for her. Instead of laughing, I began to cringe each time she used air quotes, mispronounced words, or made inappropriate comments about herself and others. Then I realized who I was ridiculing is an uneducated, socially-stunted lost soul who has been abandoned by people who truly care for her... because if they really did care for her, they wouldn't have allowed this interview to have happened, at least without preparing her on how to speak, what to say and how to look.

Since she's not making any music, I bet the people in her camp are allowing her true colors to be revealed because they are profitting from her demise. She's just another child star pimped and now pawned.

I recall when Britney Spears first entered my consciousness. It was during law school, when I embraced TV again. I had no idea that she would get so famous. And while she was super famous, I had no idea she would go down like this -- pregnant, pointless and pathetic.

Let's have a moment of silence for Britney, a fallen angel in our wonderfully cruel world of pop culture.

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