Saturday, April 1, 2006

Joe Mak in Chicago!

Joe Mak, Street Magician is debuting at the 11th Annual Chicago Asian American Film Festival today, as I type actually. It started at 5:15 pm midwestern time. I am so extremely bummed that I am not there right now, but I didn't have the time nor funds to go home. Sniffle. Still, I am very excited and hope the Chi-town folks find it funny.

Here's a descirption of our short from FAAIM's program booklet:

Joe Mak: Street Magician

Rebecca Yee | 2005 | 9 min | video | USA
David Blaine ain’t got nothing on “the Mak.” Joe’s magic defies all sense of logic and purpose, as his street performance amazes mostly himself. Catch the magic of Joe Mak!

Congratulations to the JMSM cast and crew!

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