Saturday, April 15, 2006

I hate tax day

Unlike you fuckers who are probably getting money back, my ass has to pay this year... and quite a bit, I might add. I'm very sad to depart with my hard-earned money. More sad knowing that my money will be used for military spending and killing Iraqis.

I guess I could be a War Tax Resister. According to the War Tax Resistance website, resisting war taxes is really very simple — don’t pay all the tax due on your annual Federal income tax form, or don’t pay the Federal excise tax on telephone bills, or both.

Simple is as simple does.

Honestly though, I'm scared of the IRS... more than the Boogie Man and Bloody Mary combined.

But don't be a pussy like me. Resist the War! Don't pay your taxes!

I promise to write when you're in Guantanamo...

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DYY said...

Check this out:

Ole' boy found me (he seems very progressive) and used my posting in his posting! So cool!