Tuesday, December 5, 2006

World peace is possible

I love morning radio. I wake up to NPR/KPCC and delight in the short soundbites I hear before I snooze my alarm for another 6 minutes. My clock radio continues to stay on while I get ready for work. It has become part of my routine and like the ultimate nerd, I really enjoy it.

This morning I was elated to hear that world peace is possible.

First, the bully John Bolton resigned today from his short-lived tenure as UN Ambassador.

This news bring joy to my heart because the Bush Administration is slowly but surely crumbling.

Moral of the Story: Bullies never win.

Then I hear this crazy story about how Lionel Ritchie is LOVED by the people in Iraq. Apparently, when Lionel last toured the Middle East, warring factions set aside their differences to watch Lionel perform. The radio commentator playfully said, "Sunnis and Shiites have two things in common: their love for Allah and their love for Lionel Ritchie."

This brings joy to my heart because I too love Allah and Lionel Ritchie.

Moral of the Story: Lovers never lose.

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