Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snow Globes and Politicos

I fear that I seem much more craftier than I am. That's not even my snow globe above. I am merely a wanna-be, an arts & crafts neophyte... but with a deep interest in projects of self-sustainment i.e. making your own shit in order to reduce corporate consumption. It's really hard not to be a cog in the consumer culture (especially for me!) but I think every little action counts. Soon, I'll be sewing my own clothes and harvesting coffee beans in my backyard. Okay, that's a lie. But if I could, I would.

Plus, it's just fun to mix arts & crafts with friends and alcohol.

Pictured above is my christmas tree ornament. It turned out to be a lovely colorful furry ball. Since we do not have tree this year, it's now hanging from the rear view mirror of my car.

It was such a surprise to arrive at Craft Night and see the gang there -- Blu-Tooth, Minnie Mouse, Tron, Lady Pun and the newest angeleno, Mkydy. I love how something so small has grown among my group of homies. I did not expect them as George and I arrived late after attending Mike Eng's Swearing-In Ceremony as the newest State Assemblymember representing the 49th District. I haven't been interested in politicians since college, but I love Mike. He's a solid, progressive leader. He's one of the few politicians that I would wholeheartedly support. In fact, if he asked me to precinct walk for him, I would, even though I hate doing that shit. Thank god he never asked.

If Mike ever asked me to be one of his political strategists, I would be on board in a heart beat and leave my job and everything. I doubt he would ask though since I have 0% experience. But it seems like something I could do and do well. It actually seems fun. Fortunately, I made George promise me that if he ever runs for an elected office, he would hire me as his strategist. Years ago, I also made my former roommate from law school promise me if she ever ran for political office, she would make me her campaign manager. Dude, you always gotta think for the future.


atg said...

oh c'mon--don't play like you don't plan for the future too. like a couple months ago you asked me to be your "intern" if you ever became an elected official... i'll be your ho anyday, dyy!

DYY said...

Well, ho is one thing...but would you still be my intern when i become the leader of the world?