Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Violence against girls, not rural areas

When NPR reported on the school attacks this morning, it commented on the most notable similarity between the shooting in Colorado and the shooting in Pennsylvania... that both shootings occurred in a rural area.

Are you kidding me? That was your analysis?

To me, the most obvious similarity is that the victims of the shootings were girls only. Each shooter ordered the teachers and boys to leave the premises while he held the girls hostage. The Colorado shooter sexually molested the girls before he fatally shot one and himself. The Amish shooter brought two tubes of KY jelly with him, presumably to also sexually violate the girls before killing them and himself.

The fact that the targeted victims have been girls is the most appalling aspect of both shootings. I have yet to hear a report from the mainstream media that speaks to the rampant and continuous sexism, patriarchy and violence against women and girls, as evidenced by these shootings. Instead, I hear and read bullshit about the shooter's past, the quiet Amish community, life in the rural areas... dude, whatever.

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