Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween at Fu's Palace

A few of us rented Fu's Palace on Saturday for a blow-out Halloween party of the year!

Fu's is THE place for a private party. The restaurant has a huge rectangular bar area, a banquet room for the dance floor and a spacious outdoor patio. The decor is kitchy Chinese American, with round red booths and laterns and all that good shit.

The crew and I came as a CIRCUS.
From left to right: Pixie, Ringleader, Bearded Lady, Cross Dresser, Animal Tamer and Clown.

... and the Woman who shoots out of a Cannon and an Acrobat.

Music by:

DJ Rewind

DJ Mighty Nice

DJ Dithmar

Big Bird getting naughty on the dance floor.

It was very exciting because there was about a 95% rate in costume participation.

Owner Gary Fu with Min from the Chinese Opera

The Birds! The Birds!

Foxy Brown posing with Jane the Matador

Dick Cheney hanging out with Jenna Bush and a Saudi Prince

The Ax Gang from Kung Fu Hustle with some nondescript Halloween ladies.

Very rad.

Cleopatra with Sid Vicious.

A Giant Ipod.

This was homemade. Go Nacho Libre!

I covet his bow.

Happy Halloween!

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