Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is how we roll

Title: Partying It Up in Palm Springs

Also on YouTube!


soybean pimp said...

so i see palm springs is really that suburb
i always believe it's the people that make the party. not the place... (damn, those furnitures look like it came with the house hahaha)and u guys look so active.... makes me really want to stay where i am, JAAYYY KAAAY. i wish i was there, really...

but all u foos need to come to shanghai to visit for a change. all i got to say.

Carlos said...

Is that Saint Germain I hear in the background? If it is, why are we not getting high togethere?

Carlos said...


I need to proof read my shit.

DYY said...

dude, anytime anywhere. just name it, i'm there.

DAMN i made my shit rhyme! I'm good.